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RPI Acacia Alumni,

We need your support for our summer 2016 work projects! Please join us to improve the physical house and for alumni bonding.

For summer 2016 the work-scope is very focused (no yardwork or cleaning of the basement, attic or kitchen!!)...

Our job will be the renovation of 2 rooms (The Farm and Big Sky) with scope as follows:

  • Replace the passage door for each room.
  • Replace/repair window casing, door casing and baseboard.
  • Finish the crown molding replacement project in FARM. Crown not needed in BIG SKY-Prep and paint ceilings, walls and trim.
  • Replace electrical switches, wall plugs and cover plates.
  • Prep and finish floors.

Note: The actives will 100% purge both rooms prior to our arrival. Work scope does not include bathrooms.

The 3 work weekends (Fri, Sat and Sun AM) for summer 2016 are:

  • June 24-26
  • July 15-17
  • Aug 5-7 (this is our back-up/wrap-up weekend. Projects should be 90% done prior to this weekend)

If you can, for each weekend, please arrive Thurs eve so we can start right away on Fri morning. We will clean up and depart by Sun noon.

At least 6 volunteers for each weekend would be ideal.

Please contact to be put in contact with the organizer with questions/comments.


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