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Corporation Membership

Per Article 2 of the Rensselaer Acacia Corporation By-Laws, you must pay your dues for the current calendar year in order to be considered a Corporation member in good standing. Pursuant to Article 2, Section 4, "Failure of a member to pay his dues before the due date shall result in an automatic forfeiture of his rights and privileges of membership for the year in question. However, prompt payment of any current dues shall result in his restoration to all of the rights and privileges of membership for that year."

Alumni Dues Payments

Due to the transition in RAC Treasurer duties, online payment of dues via PayPal has been removed for the time being. In the mean time please send a check of $30 payable to the "Rensselaer Acacia Corporation" to:

Rensselaer Acacia Corporation
c/o Paul Astemborski
779 Hampshire Seat
Schenectady, NY 12309


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