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Welcome to the Rensselaer chapter of Acacia International Fraternity's website! If you are on Facebook, check out our group where a bunch of us hang out: 

42nd Annual Big Red Freakout and PBA Hockey Game/

Meet the Brotherhood Rush Event

On January 25th at 6 PM (the Friday before PBA)  we will have “Meet the Brotherhood”a casual dinner for alumni and rushees. Our goal for this event is to show how Acacia provides lifelong connections, both personal and professional. Socializing with rushees is our main focus for any rush event, but we also want to share the achievements of our brothers after they have left RPI.   

We are planning a dinner to be served at 7 of Eggplant Parmigiana, Penne Alla Vodka, Sausage and Peppers, and beef Meatballs and red sauce, along with a salad and a meats and cheese board.

This will give potential new members (from here on “PNMs”) a great idea of who we are and the kinds of connections and networks formed in joining our house. This is especially important this year due to the recent difficulties in rush caused by changes in RPI policy. As a fraternity, we need to show that we have active alumni who continue to support the house and the current brothers. If you are able, please come to PBA and, in addition to hanging out, help us grow our house by showcasing the opportunity for networking with alumni. Unfortunately, RPI REQUIRES any alumni in the house during the rush period (not just at an event, at any point) to take online training. It is an inconvenience but should not take long to complete. You can contact Craig Rowley, the Asst. Greek Dean, at <> for access or check out these two training webpages:

Recruitment Training Part 1: 

IFC Recruitment Training Part 2:

And fill out these forms at the end:

Big Red Freakout is Jan 26th, puck drops at 6PM

Afterwards, we'll be having our annual PBA Hockey Game. We have spaces available to host you for the night. We only have a handful of mattresses available but there are plenty of couches, so please specifically mention when RSVPing if you want a bed.

If you will be coming to this event and/or PBA, please RSVP using the link below. Due to constraints from the ‘tute regarding rush, all alumni that will be at rush or PBA are required to complete recruitment training so it is important that you do so. If there are any problems using the form, please email me at

RSVP link:

We would like to remind you that RPI has a ban on alcohol in fraternity houses, enforced by rush monitors, and therefore the house will be dry for these events.  There are 2 houses already hit with the 2-year suspension this year under these current mandates from the administration at RPI.


Dustin Pratt --- 863

Senior Recruitment Chairman

Celebrating 70 Years of Brotherhood: Black and Gold 2019

April 13th, we will be celebrating 70 years of brotherhood, so come on out to Troy and enjoy a weekend with the brothers! 

10 am - Corp Board Meeting

12 pm - Alumni Corp Full Meeting

5 pm Cocktail

6 pm Dinner

More details to come, contact Scott Schipmann - scott.schipmann - at -


Brothers and Alumni: Update (1/22/19) on the Greek Life Task Force


Please read this letter written by several of the RPI Fraternity Presidents. The letter is in regard to the new policies and news given by the administration. Its goal is to promote communication between administration, the Greek Life Task Force, and the Greek community, as well as make the voices of the Greek community heard. Please read and share this letter with other alumni who may not see this post.

Thank you,

Jared Abrams

Roll # 876

Venerable Dean


Previous Details:

Dear Brothers, 

Please see the update here regarding recent events surrounding a "Greek Life Task Force" at RPI:…/8q4…/greek_life_changes_next_year/…

At this point I'm reaching out to the AIGC (alumni inter greek council) executive board and pledging Acacia's support in fighting this.

International has already reached out to us offering their support as they received the same email the other day that has every greek organization on campus up in arms.

My plea to all of you, consider suspending donations to RPI until we see what level of sanctions are being handed down to the greek system. If you need to make some donations for tax purposes please keep in mind that Rensselaer Acacia Corporation is a 501-c3.


Joe Adamczyk,


RPI Acacia Corp President

Brotherhood Family Tree

In February 2018, Secretary Kevin Sanita, 875, and Venerable Dean Jake Miner, 870, created an Acacia Family Tree showing big brothers of current active members as far back as they could be traced.

If a number is highlighted yellow, then their downline has an active. Red (or Red Border) are those who, according to either ours, or International's records, are debrothered.

The Low rolls listed are as far back as we can trace. 118 and 126 were both part of the Spring Pledge Class of 1955.

Credit is due to Jim Benscoter (Roll 558) who gave them a near complete list of big brothers between rolls 200 and 700, Sean Lewis (Roll 861) and the other brothers who compiled information on the recent lines a year or two ago, and all of the alumni who commented on the Google Doc or Facebook posts to fill in many gaps and incorrect items. This tree is not perfect and likely not complete, but they plan to try to build as many of the dead trees as possible, and this is an amazing start.

Brotherhood Tree V1

Active Roster



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