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Work week 2018

Work week will be August 21-28 this year, with projects including: repainting the exterior of the wing, repainting the lines in the parking lot, fixing the lights in the yard and parking lot, removing and filling the hole for the fan in the pantry, and if possible, installing cameras for rock spot and the parking lot (cars have been broken into in the past, and recently people have illegally been using our dumpsters causing them to overflow and create an additional charge from the sanitation company)  

The projects that will probably need the most bodies will be painting the exterior of the wing, fixing the yard lights, and building a pergola.  

For more information, please contact: Brother Koziol, 874: goodnight.rpi  at



Brothers and Alumni: Update on the Greek Life Task Force

Dear Brothers, 

Please see the update here regarding recent events surrounding a "Greek Life Task Force" at RPI:…/8q4…/greek_life_changes_next_year/…

At this point I'm reaching out to the AIGC (alumni inter greek council) executive board and pledging Acacia's support in fighting this.

International has already reached out to us offering their support as they received the same email the other day that has every greek organization on campus up in arms.

My plea to all of you, consider suspending donations to RPI until we see what level of sanctions are being handed down to the greek system. If you need to make some donations for tax purposes please keep in mind that Rensselaer Acacia Corporation is a 501-c3.


Joe Adamczyk,


RPI Acacia Corp President

Brotherhood Family Tree

In February 2018, Secretary Kevin Sanita, 875, and Venerable Dean Jake Miner, 870, created an Acacia Family Tree showing big brothers of current active members as far back as they could be traced.

If a number is highlighted yellow, then their downline has an active. Red (or Red Border) are those who, according to either ours, or International's records, are debrothered.

The Low rolls listed are as far back as we can trace. 118 and 126 were both part of the Spring Pledge Class of 1955.

Credit is due to Jim Benscoter (Roll 558) who gave them a near complete list of big brothers between rolls 200 and 700, Sean Lewis (Roll 861) and the other brothers who compiled information on the recent lines a year or two ago, and all of the alumni who commented on the Google Doc or Facebook posts to fill in many gaps and incorrect items. This tree is not perfect and likely not complete, but they plan to try to build as many of the dead trees as possible, and this is an amazing start.

Brotherhood Tree V1

Active Roster



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