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mayo-jar.pngMayonnaise Jar Scholarship Fund

Alumni, this is your opportunity to make a difference. This is how you can assist RPI students whose financial resources might be pushed to the very edge.

We’ve heard about or felt the rising cost of an undergraduate education, especially at RPI. There are not many ways that alumni can effectively support the active chapter in that most important of functions, rush and  recruitment of future members. Contributing to a new Fund is one way you can show your support.

The new scholarship pool will be known as the Mayonnaise Jar Fund.

Its mission is to seek out young men who might not otherwise even consider investigating Rensselaer Acacia. This Fund will help us attract motivated young men who want to learn important life skills. Your participation in this effort could very well make a difference in the life of a single young man, one who might have otherwise not ever entered the door of our chapter house because he assumed that living there was beyond his means.

Take students in ROTC for example. Not every kid with a ROTC scholarship has it because a military career was his primary interest. For some of them, ROTC is the only way that they can afford to attend RPI. It is those kinds of motivated students that we Acacia alumni want to help by enabling them to benefit from participation in our fraternity. 

The Fund is specifically intended to benefit prospective Acacia pledges who demonstrate initiative and participative behavior. The chapter doesn't just need more bodies. We need active participants, a variety of brothers who are excited about learning what it means to be a member of Acacia Fraternity, and who will embody those principles as actives AND alumni. All of us—alumni, actives, and future pledges—all stand to benefit from the continued existence of a vibrant and healthy active chapter.

This fund will be used in the 2016-2017 school year to provide financial assistance to pledges and brothers of Rensselaer Acacia who have a demonstrated financial need. The fund will be used to offset room and board expenses at the fraternity house which are not covered by their parents or other financial aid sources. The ultimate goal of the Mayonnaise Jar Fund is to grow to approximately $500,000. An endowment this size will enable aid to be disbursed by a committee to live-in brothers on a sustainable, annual basis.

An alumnus from the 1980’s has issued a challenge grant to all other alumni. This alumnus will contribute dollar-for-dollar, up to $10,000, toward this effort.

If you’re interested, please make your check out to “Rensselaer Acacia Corporation” and write Mayo Jar Fund on the subject line. Indicate if you’d like your donation to be kept anonymous, too. Send your check to Rensselaer Acacia C/O Bill Jameson 1104 Wellington Ave. Indian Land, SC 29707. If you have any questions, please email our fundraising-related mailbox -

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