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42nd Annual Big Red Freakout and PBA Hockey Game

Big Red Freakout is Jan 26th, puck drops at 6PM

Afterwards, we'll be having our annual PBA Hockey Game

Additionally, we would like to kick off rush this spring with a “Meet the Brotherhood” event. This will give potential new members (from here on “PNMs”) a great idea of who we are and the kinds of connections and networks formed in joining our house. This is especially important this year due to the recent difficulties in rush caused by changes in RPI policy. This will be the weekend of PBA and Big Red Freakout. As a fraternity, we need to show that we have active alumni who continue to support the house and the current brothers. If you are able, please come to PBA and, in addition to hanging out, help us grow our house by showcasing the opportunity for networking with alumni. Unfortunately, the school now requires any alumni in the house during the rush period (not just at an event, at any point) to take online training. It is an inconvenience but should not take long to complete. We are working on getting this out as soon as possible to give ample time to prepare.


For more info, contact Scott Schipmann - scott.schipmann - at -


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